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Of course I saved a few dozen for Christmas Day to be nibbled on in between present opening. Now everyone always knows when the cookie party is and they all come over to taste the goodies. The Christmas cookie night became the highlight of my winter holiday season, a party that I looked forward to throughout the year. The seed of my novel, The Christmas Cookie Club, was planted. Once the draft was written, Marybeth and I started dreaming about writing a book on how to throw your own cookie party, which became the book you are now reading. In Greenville, South Carolina, I met an independent bookstore owner whose cookie party has been meeting for thirty years.

Now, there are three generations in that club! In St. I signed books for them, and then all of us signed one for the hostess of their cookie exchange. At another reading, a woman sent her daughter to get a book signed for her. Her mom had been in an exchange, the highlight of her winter season, for decades.

Unfortunately, she was now in a walker, but her daughter retrieved a book for her. There are cookie parties where all the cookies are eaten by the end of the party. Some are co-ed, some are all men, some are extended family parties. In several, a group gets together to bake or exchange kitchen gadgets in drawings and white elephant games. And cookie clubs spring up from social groups, work groups, church groups, neighborhoods, and families. Peggy, a teacher, e-mailed me that the holiday season was difficult because her husband had died right after Thanksgiving the year before.

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Peggy offered to help, and taught her how to make orange-ginger muffins and peanut butter cookies. The next time they got together, they made pumpkin banana muffins and gingerbread boys. And then right before Christmas, Joannie brought two friends recently arrived from China and Peggy taught them how to make and decorate Christmas cutout cookies for the first time. Most unusual cross-cultural cookie virgins! It was just the experience Peggy needed to put her in the holiday mood!

And then right after Christmas of last year a special connection was made that was close to home. Car loaded, she was driving when she got a call from her sister-in-law. She remembers Melody as her cute little shadow, following her around. So when visitation stopped, they drifted apart. The last time Daphne saw Melody was twenty-five years earlier, when Melody was a young teen. Years passed and Daphne tried to find her siblings, but she finally gave up.

Hers was a military family and they moved often. She went through life as if an only child, but aware she had siblings somewhere, siblings she had lost. Meanwhile, Melody and her brothers struggled to find Daphne, but Daphne had married and divorced and remarried, changing her name and moving so that she was impossible to find.

Melody did an online search in to find Daphne, but came up with 30 people with the same name. Daphne did the same, but she also hit a wall of too many names, too many places, and changed names. So the two separated sisters attempted to find each other, and gave up. The years marched on.

The Christmas Cookie Club

A quarter of a century passed. Melody was also driving when her cell phone rang. Within minutes the two pulled over to the side of their respective highways, stretched across half the United States, and started bawling. Melody described losing Daphne, and how she always knew she was out there and how she lived with an ache in her heart.

And Daphne told Melody about life lived as an only child when she had three siblings in the world.

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But because of that, I found you again. Amazing how things work. This is a Christmas miracle that came from a lovely Christmas book. We want you to develop a new ritual to have with your friends, family, or community. Cookie parties are an inexpensive way to contribute and give to those we care about.

And each one, no matter its form, is anticipated merriment! Bonds are built by sharing fun and stories, both of which inevitably touch our lives. We wrote this together and so there are stories from both of our families and friends.

Pearlman's "The Christmas Cookie Club": Local author delivers big story

These are our tips, ideas, and recipes for throwing your own great cookie party and cultivating a new holiday tradition. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Christmas Cookie Cookbook is the perfect holiday present or year-round companion for new and seasoned bakers alike. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, brownies Cookies can cheer on a bad day, Cookies can cheer on a bad day, make a good day even better!

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I believe that this recipes will make you and your family happier through the Want to find the best baking recipes for your air fryer? You can do any kind of cookies. Sweet, savory, round, rectangular, creamy, tea cookies…but edible. Cookies must not be store bought and you must prepare them by yourselves not your moms, sisters, grandmas, etc. You have to wrap them into packages.


One package for each one taking par tin the club except for yourselves , one for tasting and one extra. You can decide about Number of cookies per package, but do not try to ask for more than a dozen of cookies per package. We had a minimum of 4 cookies per package this year, due to the number of members eight 5. You must bring a copy of your recipe with you, for everyone. If you can not take part, send your cookies and thereby save your place for the next year. Place and time, as well as the host, are selected each year for the upcoming year.