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Other common woodland plants which accompany bluebells include the yellow rattle and the wood anemone. Bluebell woods are found in all parts of Great Britain [1] and Ireland , as well as elsewhere in Europe.

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Bluebells are a common indicator species for ancient woodlands , [2] so bluebell woods are likely to date back to at least Gerard Manley Hopkins , an English poet, was very keen on the plant as revealed by these lines of his poem "May Magnificat" [4]. In the little wood opposite the light they stood in blackish spreads or sheddings like spots on a snake. The heads are then like thongs and solemn in grain and grape-colour. But in the clough through the light they come in falls of sky-colour washing the brows and slacks of the ground with vein-blue, thickening at the double, vertical themselves and the young grass and brake-fern combed vertical, but the brake struck the upright of all this with winged transomes.

The BlueBell Wood

From Emmetts Garden in Kent where the hillside is swathed in blue, to the ancient woodlands of Hinton Ampner in Hampshire, these are some of the top spots for bluebells in the South East. The East of England has its fair share of bluebells during the spring months.

Blickling Estate in Norfolk is one of the top spots in the region to see carpets of the blue flowers, and they can also be found brightening up the trails at Sheringham Park. After the winter, bluebells are one of the key splashes of colour that help bring the woods and parkland back to life. Why not search for them at Dudmaston in Shropshire, or explore woodland trails at Longshaw in the Peak District? From secluded valleys to ancient woodlands and even sand dunes, there are lots of places to see bluebells across the North of England. Look out for them in the woods near Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire, or see them scattered across the dunes at Embleton Beach in Northumberland.

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Bluebells can be found at medieval castles, wild woodlands and glorious gardens all over Wales. Why not seek them in the coastal woodlands near Abermawr in Pembrokeshire, or in the meadow below Penrhyn Castle in Gwynedd? Damage can prevent the leaves from photosynthesizing, causing the plant to die back.

Bluebells take between five and seven years to get established, so minor damage can have long-lasting impact.

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Help to look after the bluebells by watching where you tread, and sticking to marked pathways. In the last thirty years the Spanish bluebell has escaped from gardens and begun to mix with native bluebells.

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Native bluebells are narrow with straight sides, and the petals curl back at the tips. The stem droops over at the top, with most of the flowers on one side. Spanish bluebells are cone shaped, and their petal tips tend to be flared rather than curling.

Song of the Bluebell Wood by Betty Roe

The stems are straight, with flowers all the way round. Look at the pollen inside the flower. Native bluebells are usually a deep blue-violet shade, while Spanish ones tend to be paler.

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Confusingly both varieties can also come in white and pink. Sometimes there is a story here too, and this is usually followed by something to make to take home.

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It's all done at a 2 year old's pace, and there's no requirement to stay right with the group all the time if something else takes your notice. What's great about the Bluebell Wood is that we have it all to ourselves, there are no passers by or dog walkers - it's truly magical! For all, it's Please arrive in time for a prompt start. Sometimes I think I am expecting a full session, but then not everyone comes, and I have turned away other people.