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Practice makes perfect! The funnest part? Testing all the different concoctions. In the end, my signature drink was a Lemon-Basil Fizz made with prosecco, coconut rum, raspberries, basil and lemon sorbet see the video below. What will yours be? Lemonade and summer go hand in hand like Christmas and Santa! You simply must have some when the sun is out. Squeezing your own lemonade allows you to add a bit of your own flair into the mix. Go wild and let your inner mixologist come out and play! This summer, when the sun comes out, get your backside out there and do something fun as well.

My Book: Bucket List Adventures. I love this way of thinking about your summer travel and adventure plans! By activity, not necessarily place.

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Would be a great way to spend an evening! Great list!!! Hiking is such a great way to spend the Summer and have a new experience, since every trail is different. Have Fun! Hi Annette, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I think I like your bucket list better than mine! I enjoyed looking at your blog very much, and look forward to seeing future posts.

I love this!

So many of these remind me of my childhood in rural Virginia. Would love to do them again and recapture those memories! Many counties offer ziplining as an adventure and a way to see the sites in a new way. TreeGo has many parks throughout North America that include not only ziplining but aerial challenge course that anyone can do.

No special skills are required and its tons of fun.

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I understand you are in Toronto this July, we would love to host you and your team at our park to add a new dimension to your bucket list. Finally Igot a blog from where I be capable of reeally take useful facts concerning my study and knowledge. Especially learning how to juggle and surfing. Thanks for sharing this awesome bucket list ideas.

I would still choose the beach aside from making myself cool all the time, I get to bond with the beautiful nature around me…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next.


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April 9th, 8 Comments. March 23rd, 16 Comments. March 13th, 2 Comments. January 27th, 2 Comments. January 9th, 6 Comments. Cassie June 5, at pm - Reply. Annette White June 5, at pm - Reply. Hopefully, it will help to make peoples Summer fun filled with activities! Scarlett June 6, at am - Reply.

I love these ideas! Annette White June 6, at am - Reply. Anita Mac June 6, at am - Reply.

Beth June 8, at pm - Reply. Annette White June 8, at pm - Reply. Shari Kelley June 10, at pm - Reply. Annette White June 10, at pm - Reply. I am going to try 1 on yours, though I live in California now so it may be a bit difficult! Heather June 12, at am - Reply. Annette White June 12, at am - Reply.

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I agree, I would love to do some again to recapture the memories. Karen Richards July 5, at pm - Reply. Christin January 9, at pm - Reply. Diana August 2, at am - Reply. Mark May 7, at am - Reply. Uh oh…you owe us one more! Annette White May 9, at pm - Reply. Ratheesh R Nath May 8, at am - Reply.

20 Best End-of-Summer Quotes to Close Out the Season

I love these!! Perfect for on trips or staying home!! Love it thanks for sharing!! Logan M Gelowitz May 12, at pm - Reply. Aww these are so sweet! Great for solo or with a date or bestie! Clarie May 15, at am - Reply. An eye-opening. Thomas May 20, at pm - Reply. Scorpio May 22, at am - Reply.