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Speaking of friends, if you discover your child talking or texting with friends during homework time, ask whether or not her teacher has given students permission to work together on assignments.

These 7 side effects of a parent’s infidelity can cause trust issues in adult children.

Do you help your child with homework? Worse, adults that do this believe that helping their kids with homework is fair.

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If your child has not been caught cheating yet , remind her that even when she gets away with it, dishonesty undermines her future success. In courses such as math or science, where one concept or skill builds toward the next, students can get so far behind they are unable to recover. Take this opportunity, while she is still young and the stakes are still low, to hold her accountable for the consequences of her actions.

Lisa Heffernan, writer of the parenting blog Grown and Flown , offers advice plucked from her own parenting:. If it is a choice between cheating and a lower grade — take the D. Once they commit to treatment to resolve and heal both the wounds and the resulting sense of powerlessness, they can heal festering wounds and learn new behaviors. Most importantly, they can then create the loving, caring and safe relationship they yearned for as a child or were deprived of as a child.

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Are All Children Destined for Problems? Some children are able to use reframe the experience as a model of what they will not be or create. For some, the exquisite radar they developed that likely caused them pain as a child or teenager is now a gift they can use to immediately sniff out, identify, and avoid serial cheaters.

Some can use the lessons of their painful past to consciously avoid being a part of a dishonest and hurtful system. They learn to reframe the initial experience and create the very opposite antithesis of what was modeled in the family of origin.

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Also, at a very early age, because of innate sense of right or wrong, some children grow into extremely moral adults who make a very deliberate choice to be faithful to their partners. They may carefully and very consciously choose a partner with the same set of values.

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The Good News If you grew up in a family contaminated by infidelity, toxic secrets, mistrust, or crazy-making gaslighting, it is very possible to heal and experience healthy and satisfying intimate relationships. You have the ability to create the family you would have wanted to be in and take the most gratifyingly and profoundly healing opportunity to be the parent you wanted as a child to your children.

How a Parent's Infidelity Can Hurt a Child | HuffPost Life

Like the cheating parent, you have a choice—you can actively choose to do whatever it takes to heal and go on to create the type of loving marriage and home filled with love that you deserve. Email Address. Sign me up! Another troubling factor is that some research suggests the children of a cheating parent are more likely to be cheaters themselves.

According to psychologist Dr. Ana Nogales, 55 percent of children who experience parental infidelity will go on to cheat on a romantic partner.

Parental infidelity does not only create problems between children and the parent who cheated, it can also cause a strain between children and the parent who was cheated on. It may not be fair, but the emotional turmoil that children feel when they find out that a parent cheated can cause them to place blame in multiple directions. Sometimes, children blame the parent who was cheated on for driving the other parent away and causing an affair to happen.

How You Can Destroy Your Children’s Lives When You Decide to Be Unfaithful to Your Partner

They may blame the betrayed parent for failing to protect them from this event, feeling that they have failed both as a spouse and as a parent. Other children may feel embarrassed for their betrayed parents or even ashamed of them for being victimized in this way. The anger and discomfort directed at the parent who was betrayed may be short-lived; after the initial shock, children are more likely to see the situation rationally and place the blame where it belongs.