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She had a deep love for [Tarnower] and she seemed to have a profound desire for him to love her.

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My understanding is that she may have tried to take her own life first. Tarnower, too, had admirers. Back at Madeira, students and faculty alike said Harris had been under enormous pressure at the student school. Last fall she was forced to discipline several students after a senior society initiation rite in which one girl was accidentally burned with drain cleaner. Only two weeks ago she ordered the expulsion of four girls found using drugs. The trial lasted 14 weeks, becoming one of the longest in state history. The New York press sensationalized the trial and made Harris a household name from coast-to-coast.

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Harris took the stand and testified at length in her own defense, but the jury rejected her story that the shooting had been accidental and convicted her of second-degree murder after eight days of deliberations when jury foreman Russell E. Harris consistently maintained that she did not intentionally kill Tarnower.

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Joel Aurnou would later state that he encouraged his client to plead guilty to a lesser charge, but she refused. Judge Russell R.

While serving her sentence, Harris made it her mission to improve the education of fellow inmates in her facility. She also taught a parenting class to inmates and developed the in-prison nursery for babies born to inmates.

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  • Almost 70 years old when she got out in , Harris tried to live out of the limelight, despite the occasional made-for-TV movie or book about her case. She lived a private life and dedicated herself to gardening outside her cabin on the Connecticut River in New Hampshire, writing and taking walks with her golden retriever, Lainey.

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    She was survived by her sons, David and Jimmie. Herman Tarnower. Jean Harris belonged to the last generation of Americans brought up to believe that nice girls get married.

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    • But her love affair with Dr. Herman Tarnower went on for fourteen years without a marital commitment. Was she a jealous woman bent on revenge?

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