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Each lesson comes with several pages of notes, additional vocabulary and bonus listening materials. Coffee Break Spanish is presented by experienced teacher Mark who is working with learner Kara. You will quickly learn to communicate in Spanish alongside Kara, and by listening to her questions and hearing her mistakes you'll make excellent progress towards your goal of speaking and understanding Spanish. Lesson Vamos al restaurante - a series of dialogues recorded in a Spanish restaurant which provide an opportunity for further practice of the language covered so far in the course.

This book is part of a series of sixteen study packs for the full introductory course of Coffee Break Spanish. The study packs are being published from August onwards. Focus On French Conversation. Textual studies,Buddhist studies,Young scholars, Arihiro Kosaka Graduate Student Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 22, September, Promotion of East Asian Sports Sciences Focusing Body Work Study Exercise-enhanced beneficial effects on our brain and mental health have attract attentions and are highly expected to prevent cognitive dysfunction.

This session aims to 1 build the network between the origin place of OBW such as China, Thailand and India together with the fundamental research bases of advanced sports neurosciences such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. And to 2 develop the talent for studying the effects of OBW and very light intensity exercise integrated research program in East Asia.

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These 4 divisions are trying to cooperate together to find out the "dark-" matter, energy and galaxies and to understand the origin of matter, phase transition and structure formation as well as their fluctuation and evolution. This session is to share the understanding of our fields and to discuss about the next step. Recent trends are that linguistics and its application fields have been becoming more and more inter-dependent.

Specifically, the recent linguistic data for research is "big" and "contextualized". The organizer hopes that the session will stimulate the possibility for uncovering future unexplored areas of research of language. Specifically, we aim to establish a long-term student exchange program with Indonesia Biomedical Consortium, and discuss how we could utilize the University of Tsukuba laboratory in South East Asia for collaborative research.

The session includes research presentation from the students from South East Asia.

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It also expands international networks with more than 15 universities. As a world-leading research and educational institute, we have published papers and artworks on Sustainable Development for many years. We will also have peer-reviewed oral and poster sessions by speakers from Japan and abroad, on various topics regarding Art, Design, World Heritage, Kansei, and Sustainable Development.

Some of those cities have grown into a global startup city. Startups created by those entrepreneurs have attracted investments internationally as well as domestically. An increasing number of those startups have grown to have developed cutting-edge technologies, and have successfully penetrated into the global market.

What key factors have existed behind the rise of those cities or nations as a global startup city or nation in this regard? What should be done to maintain and expand the strengths of those cities or nations? How can a global startup city be created in Japan?

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  • In this event, five distinguished speakers will discuss these questions from various angles, while being based on their visions and experiences and referring to Silicon Valley in the U. One of the issues that has attracted media attention within the context of SDG 14 is the issue of declining eel resources.

    Who Is It For?

    In this session, the renowned eel experts are to talk about how to promote eel sustainability from various angles. Sustainability,eel resources,traceability,SDG 14, Toru Kodama Associate Professor Tsukuba Conference Promotion Office 22, September, Initiatives for the sustainable growth of the wine industry Wine is one of the most widely traded agricultural products. Many regions in the world have engaged in the production of wine. Numerous brands of wine have been circulated in the global market. When various conditions, such as wine-producing technology, environmental factors, effective supply chains, branding strategy, and relevant government policies, come into alignment, fine wine can be produced.

    This may lead to the growth of the wine industry, which can bring positive impacts on the regional economy. In this regard, there are a growing number of initiatives to boost the wine industry in various regions of Japan. This session is regarding how to promote the sustainable growth of the wine industry. This session will be conducted in the Japanese language only. Furthermore, they have a significant impact on human life and well-being, highlighting the need for innovative technologies to control microbial community development.

    Research center for sustainability and microbiology in University of Tsukuba will hold an international symposium on the various cutting-edge researches aiming at the next generation Microbial Control Microbial Community Control ver. Akihiko Kosugi Old oil palm trunk: A sustainable bioresource for renewable energy production. Duong Hoa Xo Research on development of vegetables, flowers and herbs adapting climate change in Hochiminh city. Understanding of plant plasticity for sustainable food security for future.

    Robert VanBuren Convergent evolution of desiccation tolerance across land plants. Shigeyuki Betsuyaku Spatiotemporal dynamics of plant immune responses. Mohamed Zouine High-quality de novo genome assembly and annotation of the tomato genome using Long Read sequencing and TomExpress expression atlas. Lei F. Genes to the fields- cutting edge multidisciplinary technologies for agriculture genomics.

    International Seminar "Best Practices for Earthworks and Rural Roads"

    Gota Morota Bayesian genomic factor analysis and Bayesian network to characterize high-throughput phenotyping data in rice. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Hiroyoshi Iwata Genomic selection and its extension to model based development in plant breeding. Atsushi J. Nagano Genomic dissection and prediction of transcriptome dynamics in field conditions.

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    How top athletes can contribute to achieving SDGs? Experiences of development through Sports as a head of the Uganda Volleyball Federation. Challenges for sustanable care in public health and nursing fields are discussed from the global perspectives, while extending and deepening our university network by inviting the delegates from African partner universities. Impact of inclusive education towards behavioral change content. The session aims to discuss whether inclusive education brings behavioral change and reduce discrimination followed by what stakeholders have to do towards promoting inclusive and equitable quality education for persons with disabilities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

    Responding to Refugee Crisis and Disaster. New Approaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Global refugee crises and long-term disaster scenarios will be among the major challenges mankind will have to face in the coming decades. Southeast Asia is one of the major agricultural hubs of the world, facing challenges to feed the fast-growing population. Sustainable city and community development will be a critical component for realization of protecting the planet, ending poverty and bringing forth prosperity for human life.

    Air Pollution and its Biological Effects. Air pollution has been negative legacy of industrialization. In modern society, the movement of people beyond country borders is accelerating and diversifying. Consideration of nationally and culturally conditioned patterns of verbal behavior of Uzbek students by teacher-foreigner.

    Global careers at international organizations — for achieving SDGs. International organizations such as the UN and the World Bank can offer various global career opportunities that are directly connected with SDGs. Combatting global infectious diseases. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all people at all ages is the focus of Sustainable Development Goal 3 SDG 3 of the Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    In this session, graduate students of University of Tsukuba and overseas partner universities including CiC partners give oral presentations. Food-related health problems and lifestyle-related diseases, Issues of food security, and the increasing cost of medical care are just some of the many challenges society now faces. Beyond Borders for SDGs implementation. In this session, we hold a research symposium on ensembling light and molecular function with materials and life sciences, including state-of-the-art optical technologies, plasmonics, optical and laser materials, biopphotonics, and molecular self-assembly.

    Student Presentation Battle. Student Presentation Battle is a student-led project in which undergraduate and graduate students compete for skills to convey the attractiveness of their research to students and researchers of different fields as well as the general public. In this session, graduate students of University of Tsukuba and overseas partner universities including CiC partners give poster presentations.

    Materials science is quite a large scholarly area that supports the contemporary industrialized society. AI in Society 5.

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    The development of Artificial Intelligence AI technology and data science are essential factors for the realization of the Society 5. Road to being a researcher. In recent years, young researchers and young people who pursue research careers are said to be decreasing. Bridging cultures in an academic environment: Sojourners meet interculturalists. As the world is becoming smaller, university environment is becoming more global and diverse.