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So I wrote it," she said. She was able to capture her emotions as they came, then use some perspective later as she edited. Radi offers tips on communication, relationships, boundary setting as well as finances and academics. But it doesn't look or feel or taste or smell like high school," Radi said. The roles you will play, as parent and student, will change.

Real-life tips on surviving your first year at university

The transition is not just about the student. You'll all go through an adjustment period. You can find creative ways to stay in touch. Radi got that advice in orientation. This is where boundaries come in. Don't be shocked if you don't hear from your student in the first few weeks.

Ready to launch: Surviving the college send-off

You don't have to drop everything when your student calls either. For instance, your traditionally A-student gets her first C, and she calls you to fix it. Don't let yourself get pulled into the emotions.

SURVIVAL ROUND - How to survive 4 weeks on 50€ ($60)

Act as a mentor or coach. If we swoop in and fix something You empower them to fix it themselves. The goal is to have healthy and happy adults who can take care of themselves and function in the real world. If your student is struggling with basic independence, know that life can be a good teacher.

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If they neglect sorting the laundry, they'll end up with pink shirts and underwear. Radi said a lot of power is given to the words "helicopter parents. If something truly seems wrong, don't ignore it. Radi dedicates a whole chapter to sex and relationships, literally labeling it as S-E-X.

It's easy to understand why people avoid it.

Tips for surviving the first year of engineering college - CoCubes

Your child is changing and growing and won't be the same person when they return for Christmas break or the summer. Your first year of university is, without a doubt, character-building.

Of course, this could be either a good thing or a bad thing. To help every student make the most of their first year, we got in touch with a group who made it through that awkward transition and lived to tell the tale. These individuals gave us some fantastic tips that will guide you through first year.

It made me way more social.

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Independence is vital at university — and, as Willow says, it helps you to build your network beyond the university bubble. Doing so, you get a stronger experience of your city, which gives you the confidence to put yourself into situations that might previously have terrified you. Internships count! Sophie Wagstaff explorewithsoph , g raduate, music journalism at the University of Staffordshire.

Enough with the serious stuff. Join a society!

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Joining societies is a numbers game — each society you do join will increase the chances of your meeting new people and making friends. This includes meal planning to cut down cost and waste , scheduling your essay prep, and writing well before the deadline.

It worked a fair few times. Liam Solomon, g raduate, marketing at Sheffield Hallam University. Above all else, a smile goes a long way. Make sure that you socialise with people who share your interests and your values. And, take it from our students, you might get the urge to pack your bags and head home within the first few weeks.

Join us. Skip to main content. Real-life tips on surviving your first year at university. August 31 By Callum Dawson.